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Video Review: Taylor Swift “Blank Space”

Boyfriend #22 drives up to the Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, in his Shelby Cobra. Expensive suit, vintage car and a product for a last name – nouveau riche. So pretty yet so breakable at the same time, which is exactly her type as she gets dressed. He walks inside the breathtaking mansion, which could be straight out of […]

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Video Review: Adele “Hello”

From the rain-streaked window, made dreary from the sepia-toned aesthetic, it focuses to view Adele driving down the street. While in the forest, she is talking on a flip phone with someone. However, she can’t hear the person. There is hardly any signal. The door creaks as she enters her house. She pauses, taking in the loneliness. She takes the covers […]

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Video Review: Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty”

Switching between three different segments, Avril Lavigne references Kawaii in Japanese. With four Japanese women behind her, she’s clad in a leather bodice, a 3-D cupcake-laden pink tutu, black garter tights, and baby blue tennis shoes. She and the four Japanese women shrug their shoulders in time with the music. The next clip shows her walking around Tokyo while in […]

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Video Review: Toni Braxton “Un-Break My Heart”

On the driveway, she flips through the mail. Her boyfriend (Tyson Beckford), revs up his motorcycle. She waves him as he drives away. She has long stopped worrying about him. He’s safe. She may not have liked the idea at first. Still on the driveway, she hears tires screech and a bang. Meanwhile, it’s shown that her boyfriend was involved […]

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Video Review:  Rihanna “Kiss It Better”

A sheet turned gray by the black-and-white aesthetic, blows furiously from an unseen wind. Dice roll back and forth, then multiply as Rihanna stays covered. Finally, she takes the sheet off her body, which is obscured by the pitch black background. She contorts herself as the camera focuses on her broken expression. The camera lingers to her legs and back […]

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Video Review: Ke$ha “TiK ToK”

Ke$ha, nestled in the bathtub, wakes up in haze and moves her feet back inside. Is there anyone in there with her? She puts her hand on the bathtub and keeps her eyes level, looking to see if she is really alone. Seeing that it’s safe, she hops on top of the tub. The cold floor barely stings underneath her feet […]